About Us
A Digital Concierge platform that can help increase guest engagement and revenue all while supporting the local community

ROVE is a leading end-to-end travel technology solution providing customers with access to the most popular experiences in cities around the world. This solution is a powerful tool used by hotels to expand and grow ancillary revenue from tours and activities.

ROVE was created as a platform to connect people with more of the world's most unforgettable travel experiences. This experience-based cloud platform has been purposefully designed for the hotel and hospitality sector to help create a ‘digital concierge’ to recommend popular local experiences and to add to their guests’ satisfaction - as well as an additional revenue stream.

End-to-end saas platform for the hospitality sector

Key Benefits of the Platform

Additional Revenue Stream
For every booking made from the hotel's branded cloud-based portal, there will be a revenue share based on the value and quantity of the experiences booked.
Easy Setup & No Platform Costs
It requires no setup costs and on-going running costs for the end-to-end cloud platform. With easy integration, it is quick to set up to reflect the hotel's branding from the color scheme to favourite local activities.
Promote Guest Engagement
The URL of the hotel's unique branded platform can be easily shared alongside the hotel's existing marketing activities and on the premises using QR codes in various locations such as in the lobby, rooms, restaurant area, lifts etc.
Support the Local Economy
The platform curates a range of unique and local experiences based on the location of the hotel. It supports and showcases what the local community has to offer.
Guest Behaviour Metrics
QR codes on the premise will help drive traffic to the platform, where guest interactions and engagement can be tracked and monitored.
Recommend Experiences
Having this digital platform available will remove pressures or reduce the need for verbal recommendations, as staff can select and recommend local experiences to their guests on the platform and change them as often as required via the admin portal.

Grow your hospitality business.

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